Beans Ferry Pottery by Keith Carpenter
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About Us

Beans Ferry Pottery is about family, the Carpenter family.  My Wife, Sharion, helps with many facets of the pottery making by putting handles on mugs and packaging products.  My wife is also takes care of many of our guests and their purchases....some say she gives a better discount than I do.  My grand-daughter, Hanna, paints most of our Christmas ornaments and does a great job.  My son, Chris, has helped in the studio for much of his adult life.  He is quite good at forming our hand-built platters.  As the chief potter, I get to do almost everything under the sun.  Being creative and serving a wonderful God is the thrill of my life.  It is also the driving force that has given me the inspiration to create, minister and run a business all at the same time.  We know that our success is because of a loyal client base and faith in something bigger than we are.  From wholesale store accounts to individual all makes what we do fun and productive.  We invite you to come by any time and meet the family.....have a glass of Ms. Sharion's sweet tea while your at it!